When I was getting to the end of theyearof50, a friend told me to stop at #365.  He said it was taking time away from other things and it didn’t make any money.  He figured I should focus on things that were my profession.  I wondered if he could be right, although it gave me a stomach-ache to hear it.   Truth be told, I was kind of worried that I’d over stayed my bogging-welcome.  I’d been asking other friends for their thoughts and they all said to keep going, but I still wasn’t sure.  So, I decided to stop.

As usual, my birthday was uneventful (meaning I took myself to Subway for lunch) and as I was waiting for my chopped salad, I started to talk with this lawyer-guy I know.  Somehow, we got on the subject of doing non-lawyer things and I mentioned my blog.  He immediately pulled it up on his phone and read the last post.  When he was done, he looked at me and said, “Don’t be an idiot!  Keep going.  My friend (code for girlfriend) is going to love this stuff!  Didn’t you do it because you loved it?” Hmmm.

I took my food and left.  But, it got me thinking … Who had I been writing for?   Who would I be writing for?  What would be my purpose?  Did I need one?  I decided that I’d have to make the decision the old-fashioned, adult way — I got out my Sponge Bob dice:

  • A roll of 4 through 6, I’d keep going — 1 through 3, I wouldn’t restart.  The first roll was 2 (shoot, I had to cheat and roll again).  Second roll, (whew) a 6!
  • A roll for how many days a week … I got a 3.
  • Finally, a roll for whether I should open up a bottle of wine when I got home (any number gave me a yes on this one!).

Since I make my own rules, here’s the deal:  I’m www.theyearsafter50.com, which gives me at least 15 years (since we’re always 5 years behind our real age, right?).  I may post three times a week or I may not.  No names, for sure.  No politics, for sure.  My personal life (which usually has its own fair share of funny (read “stupid” stories), of course!   I’d love guest bloggers.  So, if you’ve got one, let’s talk!

I’m going to write for me. You may read or you may not (and I won’t ever know!).  You may laugh or you may think I’m cray  (my kids hate when I use their words).  And, no party until 60, unless you want to meet me at a spa in Arizona before then!

So there you have it.  How the h#@$ was I going to survive without you anyway?!

Enjoy the start of your weekend!  XO