Our road has been under construction in our neighborhood all summer.  It’s been brutal.  Yet, they tell us it will look great when (operative word) it’s done.  I’m sure they’re right but I have not liked one minute of all the chaos.

Last week, the workers were in the process of hauling dirt from our road to another location.   Around mid-morning one of the trucks that was hauling the dirt, got its tire stuck on our road as it was trying to back up.  Another truck pulled him out, the semi was filled with dirt and went on it’s way.  Less than 10 minutes later the semi was hit by another car on a local highway.  The semi skidded off the road, our neighborhood dirt spilling everywhere, the cab lit up in flames and despite hearing the driver scream for help, no one could get him out.  He died right there.

What might have happened if his truck had not been stuck on our road?  Could those few minutes time have put him in a different place at that same time?  It’s those split second decisions that cause us to wonder, “What if …?”

These tragedies leave us feeling heavy in our hearts and with the knowledge that in one second life can change.  This accident certainly did that for his family.  And, for those in our neighborhood … we will never forget.

So, take the time right now, before you leave for work, to hug the ones you love.  Send a text to your parents or kids. Tell them what they mean to you.  If you’re in a fight or angry with them, let it go.

Life can be cut so incredibly short.  Just one diagnosis or one accident can change our lives forever.

I hope you have a very peaceful start to your week.