The obvious bears repeating;  Nothing ever ends up as you think it will.

Think of how many things you do in life that just don’t turn out as you planned?   Marriages, relationships, careers, my efforts at cooking new dinners …. things don’t always end as we expect.   Welcome to life.  The one filled with turns that you never imagined.  The one filled with great joys and sadness.  Yet, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

I’ve got a few big decisions to make and while I had set my GPS on cruise, I somehow missed a turn and then another and now here I am “recalculating” my route (as SIRI always says to me!).

Sometimes, life is like that.

At first I quickly tried to regroup, to fix the situation (futile as that might have been), but that’s my nature.  Jessica always wants to find the back up plan so she can fix it and everyone is happy (I think that’s the definition for co-dependency!).   Yet something stopped me this time.  And, I decided to just trust what was happening, trust my instinct and enjoy the swirling uncertainty.

So what if I’d missed a turn … a direction I thought I was going?  It can’t (and shouldn’t) stop me from moving forward.  But then I kept asking myself, “What’s forward?”  And, “How do I stop the tapes about all the woulda-coulda-shouldas?”

I decided that this is normal.  We all end up going different paths than we intended.  Rather than freak out (as I usually do), I decided I really should embrace the uncertainty … lean into it.

I think it’s okay to be lost for a bit as we’re making those turns, or they are making us!  In fact, when we’re forced to be out of our comfort zone, we often see what we normally overlook.   Maybe there’s something out there that’s a better option, a different road … one that we never would have seen it from the road we were travelling on.

So, while I usually like to have a “plan” and a “direction,” I’m just going to shut my internal GPS off and enjoy this quiet (but busy) place.  Frankly, SIRI’s “recalculating” instructions were getting annoyingly loud anyway!

Have a fantastic day!