Let me start by asking, why is it that young people think that everything their parents do is wacky, crazy, old-fashioned and just plain stupid?  I really can’t believe (I know I did!) that I said the same things to my mom.  Actually, my mom was seen as the “cool” mom.  She was hip, wore clothes that were in style, fun, etc. (all the things my kids think I’m not).  But, I do recall accusing her of being harsh when she instituted a curfew, grounded me and took away my allowance (for things that will remain unnamed).

I like to dance.  And as I’ve said, I will dance almost anywhere.  I think I’m a pretty good dancer (think …).  I taught aerobics all through law school and had the hottest, packed class at the downtown health club.  I know I can keep a beat.

So, about a month ago, I played some music on my phone.  It was something that made me dance!  I was in the living room grooving to the beat (yea, that’s old language!) when I noticed my daughter doubled over in the hallway.  I looked at her and realized the was laughing and was doubled over crying from her laughter.  I asked her what was so funny.  She couldn’t even talk.  Then I saw it … the iPhone.  She was holding it up and simply dying of hysteria.

“Come on,”  I said.  “What’s so funny? I was just dancing!”  Before I knew it, she was showing the boys and they were laughing, almost a bit too much for my liking.  So, I looked at the tape.  Yes, I was going a bit crazy, but I was doing just what we used to do when I listened to music by the B52’s (dating myself yet?).  I mean really … I know she’s got to have seen that kind of dancing before.

Then they started the game of naming what I was doing:

  • Mom, you look like you are having a seizure.
  • Mom, you look like you’re having a heart attack.
  • Mom, you look like you’ve got a bee stuck in your underwear.
  • Mom, do you need to go to the bathroom? Because it sure looks like it.
  • Mom, that’s what they do before they take you into a mental hospital.


I don’t think these kids want to me start taping some of the things they do … wait.  What do they do?  I could tape them looking at an iPhone screen.  I can tape them looking at an iPhone screen and eating (without looking up).  I can tape them looking at an iPhone screen and peeing or burping or just picking at body things that should not be picked at.  Pleeese.  Don’t get me started.

Just wait.  Have I got some naked shower and bathtub pictures to show their kids!

Have a fun day!