As evidenced by the lateness of this post, I’m a bit too busy lately. Yesterday as I was running, I made a mental list of those things that were evidence to me that I’ve gone too far. Here’s my sad, but true, list:

1. I find myself brushing my teeth in the shower to save time.

2. It feels like a luxury to sit down at Taco Bell to eat a burrito.

3. I prefer to talk on my cell so I can look at emails at the same time.

4. I never sort the laundry, as it takes too much time (I also don’t fold or iron – sorry kids!).

5. I’ve caught myself trying to load the kids’ dishes in the dishwasher when they’re not done eating.

6. I mentally multitask when I should not be multitasking!

7. Red lights are my friends, my down time – vacation-like and when I write blogs.

8. My kids are shocked when I am on time (and I am too).

9. I find myself yelling at the microwave to hurry up.

10. When I fall asleep at the dentist during root canal!

Have a relaxing weekend!!