I’ve never done speed dating and have no intention of doing so.  But a friend recently tried and I couldn’t help ask her about the questions she got.  Here’s the top ten (that I actually remember) questions and what might be my answers:

1. Where are you from? I’m from here – Minneapolis.  Land of frozen brain cells, Lutheran hugs (they don’t hug, they pat), flip-flops until November (because we can’t admit what’s about to happen to us) and the most beautiful marathon course in the US!

2. How many kids do you have?  It depends on the day.  Sometimes I have 4 because I’ve adopted my daughter’s best friend.  Sometimes a few more because when I’m in a relationship, I take them on too.  Sometimes zero when they are all driving me crazy and I have to go for a LONG run just to pretend I’m a real person.

3. What are your favorite things to do?  I like to eat and sleep.  But, I don’t get much time for either.  I enjoy cooking (lie), cleaning (lie) and doing laundry (lie).  I think I’d make the perfect wife (lie)!

4. Do you have any pets?  I have three kids and an ex husband.  Why would I add to that?

5. Do you have a place you’d like to vacation?  Target.  Any grocery store.  Wait! I’d like to go to the airport and tell the reservation agent to pick a place for me and then to send a nanny to my house to take care of my kids (and ex) while I’m gone.

6. Why are you here?  Because I needed a night away from cooking, cleaning and doing laundry – oh wait, I said I love that stuff.

7. Name one thing you like about your job.  I’m a blogger.  I don’t have time for a real job.

8. Who do you admire most?  Anyone who is not here speed dating.

9. Do you like motorcycles?  My hair doesn’t fit into a helmet. So, no.

10. Can I get your number?  Sure!  1-888-dnt-call.

Have a fun (and not as sarcastic as me) kind of day!