Urban Dictionary “talk is cheap” definition:  a phrase used to indicate an individuals’ inclination to verbalize opinions, stances or other traits and subsequent reluctance to act upon said traits.  e.g.  “He kept telling me he would do X, but he kept doing Y.”   Know any one who fits the bill?

People talk a lot. I guess it’s human nature.  It’s easy to find people who talk non-stop, who try to convince you that the world is exactly how they see it.  But those people … well they don’t think before they speak and they certainly don’t act on their words.

Talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything they want but it takes more than that to be able to produce “talk” that is worth being heard or read or acted upon. That’s what’s bugging me – there are some people who do a lot of talking with absolutely no follow through and no intention of doing anything more than putting the words out there without any actions.  Sadly, those are the people who miss out on the really important things and people in their lives.

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.  Andrew Carnegie

So true.  You can listen to words all day long, but if you are watching someone talk and their feet don’t match their words …   run.

My soap box advice for today?  Talk less, listen more and think before you speak.

I know some of us who can do it.  I know some of us who are working on it.  And, I know a few who just love themselves too much to even think this makes sense.

Hopefully, we all know where we stand.  Life’s an amazing journey – with benefits!

Have a fantastic start to your week!  And to my marathon friends – enjoy the day off.