Where does Yahoo get these titles?  Really?  I’m going to turn my comfort foods into something that burns fat?  Let’s look at what they say will “burn” our winter fat:

Hot Chocolate

They say nothing about its fat burning ability but the article does say that it can ward off dementia in elderly people.  I’ve had two cups already this morning.  Why drink wine?


The article says that oatmeal “sticks to your ribs” and topping with nuts or fruit can give you energy.  I don’t think of oatmeal as “comfort food.”  Try again.

Chicken Soup

“People who eat a broth or vegetable-based soup before their meal consume fewer calories overall” was their quote.  This might be a comfort food when we are sick but so is Advil.

Pot Roast

Now you’re talking.  Digesting protein in general requires burning calories, as the body has to work harder to break down protein.  Plus, protein keeps you fuller for longer than carbs or sugars.

Roasted Veggies

I love veggies as much as anyone, but unless they are collared greens, they don’t count in my book as comfort food.


Love them!  Roasted, fried, baked …. you name it and I like them.  These carbs are right up my alley … with a lot of butter to boot!


Sure.  I agree here and we make this all the time in the winter.  Meat or no meat, it’s great.

Pumpkin Pie

Why do they wait for the best at the end?  I’m quite happy to hear that I can eat a pumpkin pie a day and burn fat!  Well, I guess they didn’t say that.  But they did provide that pumpkin (not the pie) fights oxidative stress and inflammation with beta-carotene, an antioxidant.  That’s almost as misleading as an attorney’s arguments in front of a court!

My comfort foods were not on this list: ice cream with caramel sauce, apple or rhubarb pie, wine (I know it’s a drink but you can use it as food), wild rice soup (fav), chocolate (any time of the year) or even my three cheese grilled cheese!   Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me when I eat my sugar, salt or fat.  I just know that I need those things and my “comfort” will always win out over calories!

Hope you have a great day!