Do you have things that really bug you?  I went to see the movie, “Enough Said,” this weekend and in it there was a discussion about how the husband did things that really bugged the wife — so much so that it contributed to their divorce.  I’ve got a few things that really bug me too … care to hear about them?

1. Parking spots:  If I’m stopped in front of a spot, don’t just think I’m hanging out there using up my gas.  I’m likely about to pull into the spot so don’t just swing in and take it.  Look around with your eyes before you claim a parking spot.  Same goes for gas pumps at a busy station.

2. Taking the elevator:  If you don’t have to, don’t do it.  I was in the elevator carrying more than my own weight yesterday when the door opened at 14.  On got a 20-something guy.  He looks at me, says nothing (like “sorry”) and gets off at 15. Really?

3. Finding things:  Why am I the only person who can find things in this house?  Will my children be able to find things when they move out?  Is there a force-field around their rooms that prevents them from seeing the clothes in the drawers, that I have to go and pull out for them?

4. Restaurants: Please don’t ask me if I like my food when I haven’t even had a bite yet. I was a server once (Ground Round when you could put peanut shells on the floor … remember that??).   I know you can wait just a few minutes so I can at least determine if I got the meal I ordered.

5. My computer:  I hate the color wheel.  I just hate it.

6. My memory:  Do you know that my dad came up with the name of Tom Hanks the other day before I could?  I’ve heard that menopause saps all names from your brain.  And, I’ve been known to forget which kid is which … but Tom Hanks?  Come on Jessica!

7. Customer service:  I’m tired of companies outsourcing their customer service to people who can’t understand me or computers who don’t want to understand me.  What part of CUSTOMER SERVICE, do you not get?

8. Automatic check outs: Why do these things always think I’ve stolen something and put it in the bagging area before I’ve rung up the item.  If I wanted to steal it I would not be at the check out with it in my hands!

9. Motorcycles:  Why is it that a motorcyclist can take up an entire parking spot meant for a car, yet feel like they don’t have to drive in the freeway lanes meant for cars?

10. Spelling:  Why is it I can’t spell?  This bugs me.  I went to school.  I got decent grades.  Somehow I made it through law school.  But if it weren’t for spell check …. Well, I’d still be working at the Ground Round!

Enough said.  Have a great day!