I just read the dumbest article (is dumbest a word?) espousing hair styles for 50 year olds!  Really?  Not only are there hair styles for us old(er) people, but there are certain clothes we are supposed to wear and activities we are going to enjoy in our “sunrise” years.

My opinion on that one?  Bulls***!   I am not going to be bound by my age.

1. I am so much smarter now than I was in my 40s.  I know myself better.  I know what I want and what I don’t want and I’m not afraid to say it!  Plus, I’m happier and closer than ever to my kids!

2. I don’t have to ride, buy or even like motorcycles.

3. I’m faster at 51 then I was at 49 (compared to other 51 year olds!).

4. I’m not afraid to say that I still think that lava lamps are cool and relaxing (in a psychedelic sort of way!)

5. I’m not afraid to stay within the speed limit because that’s how the older people drive … I am the older people!

6. I’m not afraid of my body.  I have skin that won’t go back from whence it came and that’s OK.

7. I love singing with the elevator music and dancing in the grocery store and you can just pawn it off on my dementia.

8. My eyes really can’t get much worse.

9. My joints are way more accurate than the weather forecasters.

10. Most of my friends can’t recall my deep dark secrets, so I’m safe!

11. My supply of brain cells are at a more manageable level!

12. Kidnappers are not going to be interested in me … it’s just the robbers and I usually only have chapstick, dental floss and my AARP card in my purse … have at it!

So, I’ll take this old body and go kick some a** in the pool and then have my Ensure afterwards!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the great parts of getting OLD(ER)!