My friend shared an amazing story about a woman who realized, 17 years in to her marriage, that she was unhappy with who she had become and who her husband was.   This isn’t a blog about marriage (that was so yesterday!), this is a blog about what she learned about herself and how much I have to learn about myself.

I am a typical woman trying to do it all (unsuccessfully at times) and I often look externally for The One.  The One who will give me support.  The One, who will love me.  The One, who will do the laundry, the checkbook, the grocery shopping …  (ok, maybe not all that!), but you know what I mean.  This is normal.  But what I often miss is The One inside me.

The One inside me can be very harsh.  It can get angry with me, frustrated with my behavior and down right critical of me.  The One is really my long running tape.  Yet, The One inside me really is my voice.  It’s the one that I need acceptance and love from.  It’s the one that will help transform my thoughts and feelings.  It’s the one who will remind me of my flaws and then forgive me for them at the same time.

As she wrote, sometimes people reinforce the not-so-good in us and then we develop false and negative beliefs about who we are.  However, it is our inner voice (The One) that we need to help us see ourselves through our own lens, not someone elses:

There is no Prince Charming, no winning the lottery or magic bullet. Life is a process and experience of joyful times and challenging times. When you have found The One deep inside of you, your ability to navigate through all of these times with grace, acceptance and continuous learning happens naturally. You experience a freedom and a love that you may have never thought possible.

So, tell The One inside you how much you love and appreciate him (or her).   We all need to access that inner voice … the loving and positive acceptance of who we are … flaws and all.  Listening to that voice, The One, helps us to make our lives our very own.

Have a wonderful day!!