[Scene: 7:00 a.m.  Kids getting up.  I’ve been up for an hour or more (maybe even a 6 mile run)]

Me: Good Morning!  How’d you sleep?

Son: (grunt)

Me: What can I make you for breakfast?

Son: (nothing)

Me:  How about some waffles or oatmeal?  Maybe some cereal?

Son: (nothing)

Me: I can make hard-boiled eggs?  How about hot chocolate or hot apple cider?

Son: (nothing)

Me: (loudly) HEY!

Son: (looks up) What?

Me: Come on.  I’m talking to you.

Son: What?

Me: What do you want for breakfast?

Son:  What do you have?

[Closing Scene: Frustrated 51 year old mom, now thinking it’s not too early to open a bottle of wine.  It’s 7:05 a.m.]


Welcome to Wednesday everyone!!!  Want to come over for breakfast?  X0