This sounded great in my late teens/early 20’s (although I had no idea what it all meant!).  Now, here I am in my 50’s and while a form of dissociation from all my responsibilities for an oh-so-brief moment sounds good, I’m frankly just too tired for any of these items (although, one of them I’m really not ready to give up just yet!).  What’s happening to me?

Lately, I’ve noticed a few “odd” things about my life:

1. I find I’m wanting to go to bed before my kids seem tired.  In fact, I want to go to bed right after dinner and I’ve still got a kitchen to clean, laundry, work and likely another meal to make!

2. I’ve noticed that what I think of as rock and roll (my high school music) my kids now call the “oldies” station.  Really?  I’m 51.

3. Last week I got an alumni newsletter from my high school.  The highlight?  Someone’s grandkid just got into a local college.  OMG!!!

4. Sex?  Huh?

So, maybe I’ve got to find some more reasonable trifectas.  The things I really can do in my 50’s:

Swim, bike, run.  Ok.  Decent start.

Cook, clean and do laundry.  Yuck, but can do it.

Drive, drop off, pick up (all the while never getting out of the car).  Yes.

Eat, drink and pass out by 8:30 p.m.  Happening on a regular basis lately.

There are also things I know it’s time to give up:

Doing (or trying) the splits, the limbo and wearing my I Dream of Jeannie costume (do you people even know who she was??).

Having multiple Jello shots, more than one glass of wine and karaoke after either one.

Joining the circus, joining an ashram or a going on a 7-day bingo cruise sponsored by AARP — there’s one in my new magazine, which I’ve got to tell you looks cool because all the older people look so together in the ad!  Although at the rate I am going just a trip to St. Paul to play bingo would be a vacation!

Single spacing my holiday letter, taking pictures of the kids in the summer wearing winter clothes for the holiday letter (while they curse at me) and even thinking I’ve got the time, energy or desire to send out the holiday letter (don’t hold your breath!).

Here’s my thought: when I finally get a chance to breath, I may just try on my old cheerleader outfit, do a little rock climbing or even pull out that jello shot recipe.  Until that time, however, you’ll catch me on the couch, pretending to work with my eyes closed at 8:22 p.m. (if I even make it that late!).

Have a great day!