I’m really bad at this aspect of life.  This notion of letting things just happen.  Ray Bradbury had a great quote that I’ve often  tried to use, unsuccessfully: “Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and let others move forward with it.”  

Although I don’t espouse religion in this blog, I thought this quote was important one.  Bradbury, interviewed at 90, said, “I’m a Zen Buddhist if I would describe myself. I don’t think about what I do. I do it. That’s Buddhism. I jump off the cliff and build my wings on the way down.”

This is something I struggle with.  I constantly want to analyze every decision and “figure it all out” before I make a move.   I know you’ve got to jump before you fly, but that’s easier said than done.  I’ve got a little over a month to make some decisions and I am analyzing each and every possible scenario, ad nauseam.

I’ve decided that if I just open myself up and allow the answers to come to me, they won’t eat me alive in the process!  If I’m focused on being grateful from each and every minute I have, I may see things that will help me make my decisions.  And, let’s be honest, the real truth is no matter which direction we go in life, it (whatever it is) will be OK.

I have a feeling there are others of you like me, in this regard.  You need not identify yourself!

As nebulous as it sounds, I think we just need to let go of our attachment to the process and maybe even the result, and see what happens.  Then, each day, we can look at what’s in front of us and take action based on that information only … not the information from our past or guess about the result from the future.  Sounds easy.  But, I know it’s not.

I once read the following Chinese proverb:  “When you feel confused, take a pillow and go to bed.”

This, of course, is the essence of letting go.  I think I’ll be sleeping a lot in the next month! 🙂

Have a great start to your week!