Everyone in my house (including me) thought this week took two weeks … it felt so long.   We all felt a bit “off.”  My kids think I was a bit short-tempered and I think they were looking for a reason to push the envelope.

I think it has been a week of wacky things.  I lost my car key, only to find it on my hand 1/2 hour later after looking all over my office and the parking garage.  My son left the shoes he wore to school at school (don’t ask), and my other son said that he can’t believe that he’s grown up now (he’s 14, what’s grown up about 14?!).

Maybe Halloween caused it to be longer.  We hollowed out and carved three large pumpkins, passed out a ton of candy and made homemade soup in the process.  And, allow me to digress for a moment, what’s with the 6’2″ trick or treaters?  How old are they?  And, when did “prostitute” become a costume?  Honestly!

It was a week full of hearing from my kids about how unfair everything is (mostly my decisions).  A week of blaming everyone for everything that has gone wrong (how can it be “mom’s fault” when your shoes are left at school?).  And, although there were no “major issues” this week, everything was seen as a major issue or injustice.  It was a week were they all seemed to feel like the universe was out to get them (I apparently am the “universe”).  Tonight I actually had to raise my voice with the boys and tell them that just because they didn’t understand my decision, didn’t mean it wasn’t valid.  Why do I have to explain this s***? Did I say it was a long week?

It was a week of two broken glasses on the floor, food being ground into the carpet and a week of too many garbage bags for the garbage container.  In fact, it was such a crazy week that after all the dishes were cleaned and put away, I only had four forks (my idea of having them scrape the food off their plates is clearly not working).

It was a long week and now it is Friday night.  Finally there is some peace in the house (only because the TV is on). Finally they seem to be nicer to one another.  I’ve finally got the kitchen cleaned and they finally have (al)most all of their homework done.

I’m thinking that the weekend won’t feel as long as this week (ain’t that the truth).  But, I’m going to enjoy it anyway. Although there was a lot of grumbling and a couple of odd experiences this week, all in all, it was a good one.  Filled with interesting people, a few morning runs and my once-a-year dose of baked pumpkin seeds!

Have a wonderfully long and peaceful weekend!