I was with some of my favorite people this weekend: my running partners, my dad, a couple of my favorite friends, my former nanny (and her fantastic kids) and my own kids.  With each “group,”  I felt totally myself.  No pretense, no thinking about who I needed to be, what I should say or how I was going to argue a case — I was just me.

This made me think about the person I am and the person I want to be … are they the same?  Am I who I want to be?

It’s occurred to me that the people we miss the most in life are those who are just themselves with us … the ones who it feels good to be around. And the reverse is true: those who really miss us are the people we’re transparent and vulnerable with.

This made me think about how do I go about being transparent and the person I want to be.  Maybe a better way to say it is: How can I live my life such that it results in people feeling good to be me?  And, can I do it in a way that feels good to me too?

The kids and I were talking yesterday about being “good” (I’m not sure I like that word … maybe “positive”) stewards in their respective worlds, but to do it in a way that feels ok to them and is not just for the people around them.  Here’s the list of things we came up with:

  • Smile like you mean it (it’s contagious).
  • Be encouraging (of yourself and others).
  • Share your gifts.
  • Be yourself.
  • Show people you care.
  • Be positive but don’t be afraid to not feel positive.
  • Help others be their best and you will end up being at your best too.
  • Make memories that feel good to you.

I don’t know if any of this resonates with you.  And, you’ve probably got a list of your own.  However, you do it make sure you live in a way that is true to you.  Don’t be afraid of the not-so-good feelings.  They’re normal and are there to be shared with your close friends.   One of my boys loves this quote from Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  To me, this means … Only when you are being you, can you make a difference in your life and the ones around you.

Have a fantastic start to your week!