It’s a normal thought, right?  We’ve likely all said it to ourselves or others at one time or another.

We all know that just a little more money won’t solve anything but our bills (a worthy need, though!).  It won’t make our relationships better.  It won’t result in our kids behaving or listening to us.  And, it doesn’t change the frustrations we feel at work.

Some people (and I’m sure this has been me at times) believe that if they have more money, they would feel prosperous.   Yet, I believe it is the other way around.  When we feel prosperous, we see abundance all around us.  It’s not really tied to money.  When we recognize that our life has love in it, we are able to see the joy around us and we can recognize that we are worthy of abundance and happiness.

“When we seek money, or a good relationship, or a great job, what we are really seeking is happiness. The mistake we make is not going for happiness first.  If we did, everything else would follow.”  Deepak Chopra

It’s easy to look outside for happiness – for fulfillment.  But I believe that the key to happiness is GRATITUDE.  I think that this feeling of gratitude and abundance is the fastest way to go from negative to positive.

This is not to say that life is perfect all the time.  I’m struggling with life issues right now and I often find myself playing my negative tapes.  However, as soon as I remind myself to be grateful for the sunny day, a smile from someone or that warm cup of coffee in the morning, I realize how amazing my life really is.  I’m grateful for the place I’m at — struggles and all.

So, lets take a moment sometime today or this weekend to remind ourselves why we’re grateful.  Hold someone’s hand.  Kiss our children (if they’ll let us!).  Smile at a stranger.  And, watch how the smallest of things will actually fill our days and our lives with happiness and abundance.

Have a great weekend!