When my 16-year-old suggested that she might try Zumba, I was so excited!  I knew she thought my dancing looked like I was having a seizure, so I figured I could dispel that myth in Zumba!  Saturday was the day and off we went.

Now, I didn’t know much about Zumba so before we went, I did a little “research.”  According to the “experts,” Zumba is based on the notion that exercise can be disguised by having fun.  Really?  Having fun by working out?  S***, I’m up for that!  And, even though you are not working out, you are supposed to be getting a great cardio experience … plus toning!   Doing all this with my daughter sounded perfect.

When we arrived, we meet the peppiest of instructors.  She didn’t stop smiling and began bouncing around the room before we even got started.  During the “warm up” she was moving so fast that I turned to my daughter and said, “We are in a freaking lot of trouble here.”

Then, the “workout” started.  Ms. Instructor began wiggling around to this Salsa/Merengue type music in a way that I only see on TV.  Smiling and shaking her butt and hips so much that I feel a bit nauseous.  Frankly, I couldn’t tell if my stomach ache was from watching her or shaking my own 51-year-old butt in ways it’s never gone before.

Next, I realize that as things keep speeding up, I’m going left when people are going right!  I’m feeling dizzy and wondering if I have a concussion from whipping my head around and gyrating.  I can see that my daughter is clearly getting it more than I am, but she too looks a bit shell-shocked.  Twenty minutes in and I find myself thinking that people must throw up in this room from the non-stop shimmying, butt shaking and arm waiving that’s occurring (and all at 90 mph).

1.25 hours later and we were done.  Even the cool down was fast!  And, while my daughter and I decided we liked the music, we had to admit that we have bodies that know only one direction … forward and backwards … not circular!

I judge my work outs by the numbers of Advil I’ve got to ingest afterwards.  A long run (15+ miles) could be a one Advil deal.  Hot yoga?  None (because I am so zen, right?).  But this?  This class was a two Advil.  For both my head ache and the weird places I found muscles!

I have a feeling that my future Zumba experiences will be my nose pressed up against the door as I go off to try something a bit more sane for a work out!

Have a great start to your week!