I would say I can handle most personality types.  I used to teach autistic children.  I’ve got a psychology degree and now I’m a lawyer.  I’ve seen it all. And, I’m from Minnesota. Land of the pretend hugs (really should be called “back pats”).

But, there’s one kind of behavior that I really don’t like to manage.  In my mind, these people get so down low in the muck of life that they don’t see the extent of their damage.  I’m talking about those passive aggressive personality types (PA).  Those people who passively resist fulfilling routine tasks and complain of being misunderstood and underappreciated. They unreasonably scorn authority and voice exaggerated complaints of personal misfortune.  Know any of those kinds of people?

Look, I really believe in positive energy changing our lives and the collective world (yes, call me Pollyanna).  I also believe that one of the most dangerous and largest drains of energy are PA people.  They can sneak into your life, claiming to be there for you, and before you know it, they’ve sucked all the positive energy out of you.  And, while we do have choices about who is in our lives, it is often difficult to see those PA people as they slide into our lives.

One thing I’ve learned, as I’ve been dealing with this prominent PA person in my life, is that I chose how I want to react.  PA people act the way they do because they get energy and attention from being able to push buttons and get their intended reaction.  So, when we react … they win.  When we don’t react, we regain our power.

But, PA people can have more than a negative influence on our reactions, they can have a negative influence on our emotions and energy as well.  They can get us to start doubting ourselves and thinking that the problem is us, not them.  This has been the big lesson for me lately.  I’ve really had to learn that I can control my own emotions and how I view myself — but, I can’t control how the PA person views me.  And, if I open myself up to the world, I will get the message of who I truly am … not who the PA says I am.

So, today my message to myself is that I can set my intentions for who I am and where I want to go.  And at the same time, let go of the negative people and influences around me that, in the past, have hindered my ability to open up to the abundant possibilities of life!

Have a great day!