I’m not a shopper.  And, I’ve never gone out on Black Friday.  However, last night we (well, really me) decided that we should go to the MOA (Mall of America for my outstate friends!) on Thanksgiving evening.  I had to start prepping him at 4:30 p.m. on the idea of how “fun” it would be.  He was quite against it but I had a feeling I might be successful in my quest.

We went to a movie with my dad and then out for Chinese food (our traditional Thanksgiving meal) and while he was hungry, I decided to pounce.  I told him how  interesting it would be (my dad laughed).  And, what a new experience we could have (my dad laughed again) hanging out at night at a mall.   I think I used up a lot of chips but eventually, he turned to my father and said that he was like a turkey with no choice but to be put in a deep fryer for cooking … I knew at that point we were going to the MOA!

As we drove out there we passed Target and Best Buy.  And, with their parking lots totally packed, I could see the nervous look on his face.  I anticipated his fear of the unknown masses at the mall and I assured him that if it was bad, we would just leave (I had no intention of doing so, but he at least looked relieved).

As we walked in we were pleasantly surprised that it was not that crowded.  However, there was one thing we quite quickly noticed … we were the oldest people there!  Where were you all last night????  The MOA was filled with young people (teens), parents with kids in strollers (I would never have dared with mine!) and us!

I tried to fluff up my hair and put on some Chapstick (I don’t have lipstick, so flavored kid stuff’s gotta do) so as not look too grandma-ish.  But, I don’t think it helped.  And, other than a quick return at Macy’s, a drink at Caribou, looking at toasters (oh, such a sexy purchase) and a grandchild gift … we didn’t know what else to do with ourselves.   We had such a fun idea but no idea how to execute!

I guess that shows our age (or our interest in shopping!).  We eventually walked back to our car, noted the time of 10:45, prided ourselves it making it so late in the evening and headed home.  And, so the AARP folks start the holiday season!

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday.  I was blessed with another year of taking the kids to serve Thanksgiving lunch to those less fortunate than us.  It puts it all in perspective.

Enjoy the rest of your (shopping) weekend!