I really pride myself in being positive.  But there are a few things that are just bugging me right now.  Maybe it’s the freaking cold.  Maybe it’s that it is too icy to run in the dark (screw it, I’m going tomorrow a.m.).  Maybe it’s just because I’m a Scrooge.  Who cares?  Here’s my s*** right now:

1. When I call to try to fix my internet service, don’t make me talk into the phone regarding my problem.  I don’t even want to talk about my problem.  I want it FIXED.  So, let me punch a few buttons (not too many) and get it done.

2. Please don’t pull in front of me on the side roads when it’s so slippery.  I’m often trying to drink some hot tea or water and I am sick of spilling on myself.  That’s what they have blinkers for!

3. Do not, in any case, take my parking spot when you see MY blinker because I’m waiting for the spot.  Just don’t do it.  I will retaliate.

4. Please send me your holiday cards even if I didn’t get mine out last year.  I still want to be on your list even if I am last year’s holiday card failure!

5. When I unsubscribe to junk emails I want to be unsubscribed.  End of story.

6. I need more wine in those wine glasses when I go out to dinner this holiday season.  Please don’t skimp Mr. and Ms. Bartender.

7. I need more people who want to go out for wine and dinner this holiday season!

8. I really would prefer it if the snow could come only once per week.  It takes me a day to recover from the work of shoveling and then 6 days of rest.  OR, my kids could pick up those really nice shovels I have and do something with them (that’s a message to the boys in my house!).

9. I don’t need any more junk mail or inserts in my newspaper.  I am running out of room in my recycling bin and nothing is more frustrating than to have the service refuse to take my extra recycling if it’s not in the “bin.”  Really?

10.  Please put your headlights on by 4:00 pm in the frozen tundra.  I have trouble with that dusk thing and I like to be able to see you (not you, but those you who I don’t know) before you slide into me!

I thank you.  I thank you for this morning rant.  I thank you for reading my s***, when you are so inclined and I can’t wait to get that holiday card that you’ve likely put in the mail for us!

Enjoy the “warm up” today!!!