This weekend we (my kids and my sister’s family) went up to Lutsen for the weekend.  We had odd numbers so I often rode the chairlift myself – a single.  Being a single, has its advantages, such as meeting some interesting on the chair lift:

Person 1: He was there with his son, who was in a ski race.  Turns out that he knew my boys from baseball.  He told me that his wife had died recently and baseball was what brought he and his son closer together during that period of time.  In one ride, my dislike of baseball was changed.

Person 2: Wife (30’s) from St. Paul. Her husband was skiing on another hill.  They didn’t have any children – she was pregnant with her first.  They tried for 4 years and almost gave up.  It reminded me of my infertility days.  I silently prayed for this one to work for her.  I know the pain.

Person 3: Ski Patrol.  He was a retired firefighter.  He said he went from a hot job to a cold (bet he’s said that a million times!).  He said all four of his toes on his right foot are frost bit (he lost one already).  I said, fun is fun but the point of getting more frost bite is … ?  Some people’s addictions!

Person 4: A woman in her 60s.  It was her first time skiing.  He husband is an avid skier and she’s made a deal with herself to find more things to do with him that he likes!  So, since skiing was his favorite, she decided it was a great first start.  She said her husband was thrilled and it felt like a new start for them (they almost got divorced a few years back, after the kids left the house).  That was a heartwarming story (but not enough to warm my toes, which were frozen!).

Person 5: Me.  I rode with myself twice.  I tried to get to know myself.  I took a number of deep breaths.  I learned that I don’t take enough time to listen to nothing but my breath.  Not that my breath is interesting, but the things that come from nothing are something.  Know what I mean?

So my challenge (maybe yours too) is to take time during this holiday season to get to know yourself.  To find a quiet moment … even if in the chaos, to hear the voice in your mind and enjoy the moments.  They will be over before we know it and it will be back to our old routine again!

Have a great day!