I’ve had some things change in my life recently.  Some good and some difficult.  I’ve tried to focus on one mantra – “thank you.”  I’ve decided it’s the single most powerful thing I can do in my life – be thankful for what I have.

Don’t you think it’s true, that the more grateful you are the more you have to be grateful for?  The more that will come you way to remind you how thankful you can be?

What do I want in my lifetime?  When I ask this question, I pause.  What do I want?  I want grandkids someday.  I want my family and loved ones to have peace, happiness and good health.  But, I really don’t need much.  I am grateful for what I have – as little as that might be on any particular day.

This life, my experiences, are a miracle.  And, this miracle of my life and my gratefulness can turn the darkness of my life into light.  It can change fear into security.  Really, the source of my happiness is based on being grateful.  It’s one big circle.

So, today (as every day), take stock of what you are grateful for.  The love of those around you.  Your breath.  Your heartbeat.  All those things that just happen to you because you are you.

Enjoy the start of this new year.  It’s just another day to be thankful.