I’ve often said that being pregnant is a disability in and of itself (the same thing I say about menopause).  And, I suppose that there is some truth to that.    Certainly that was true when I was pregnant with two!

Today I was out running (clearly I am not currently in Minnesota right now!) and there were a lot of people walking on the street.  I had to constantly move from the sidewalk, to the street and back again.  At one point there was a pregnant woman with what appeared to be her mother and her father pushing a stroller with a young child.

As I got closer, I hopped off into the street but an oncoming car caused me to jump back to the sidewalk quite quickly and pretty close to the woman who was pregnant.

I got only a few steps past her when she started yelling at me, calling me a “running freak” (well, that was fairly accurate!) and telling me to watch where the f*** I was going.  Yup. Them’s fighting words.  So, I had to stop.  How could I let that one go by?

“Hey,” she said.  “Why didn’t you go on to the road?”  “I did,” I responded.  “Well, she stammered, “Why didn’t you say excuse me or sorry?”  “I did,” I said.  Then, just before she could tag me with yet another accusation, I said:

“Listen, I’ve got three of those things. Two came out at one time.  And I get how easy it is to feel tired and overwhelmed.  But, being pregnant does not give you the right to be cranky at with me when I was doing everything possible to be deferential to you.”  I looked at her father, who had a smirk on his face … as if knowing that the f*** I was talking about!   I turned back to her and quickly said, “Sorry again and I hope you have a happy 2014!”  And, then I smiled and took off to finish my run.

Sometimes I wonder if people like her really hear what’s coming out of their mouths and out into the universe.  I kind of doubt it.  And, I guess I didn’t really say it to change anything.  It was just my way of reminding myself and anyone who was listening, that no matter what, no matter how nasty or negative someone is toward you, the best course of action is to find a positive response.

Have a warm night everyone!