After I hit “post” on my blog yesterday I realized that I might have made a mistake.  I wrote about how I’ve changed.  Clearly, this is something we try to do through out our lives … grow, learn to do better.  I mean, let’s be honest, all we hear about in the media is that we need to change.  Our culture thrives on people feeling regret and shame, (better food, new clothes, etc.) which then fuels the fashion industry, food companies and those self-help books and magazines.  They say, life’s all about going from here to there. But, is that realistic or healthy?  Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves.

Here’s what I missed yesterday:  There is nothing wrong with where we are and who we are at this very moment.  Being in this spot, feeling this way (whether happy or not) is ok.  We have to be comfortable, in an almost effortless way, in our skin.  We must love who we are, imperfections and all at this very moment and not “wish” to be different.  

Sure, I want to be a positive person and spin that off to others.  And, if that’s my goal and that’s how I’m feeling great!  But, if where I am today, at this moment, is not super positive, then I may be right where I am supposed to be.  And, I’ve got to embrace that … not always looking to change.  Sometimes, sitting still (figuratively and literally) has the most positive benefit.  Especially for people like me (a whirling dervish — showing my age here with this phrase for the under 45 crowd!).

What’s the true definition of success?  It’s accepting yourself and your life but at the same time not being afraid to leave that place and experiment with change.  The desire to grow is the key.  The opportunities will come and go but if you’ve got the desire, your 99% there.

So, maybe what I should have said yesterday is that on those days when we don’t feel positive, it’s ok and we should appreciate our space at that moment.  Then on those days (or even moments) when we feel we can move forward — we can do so.

Ok.  That’s it.  Just a retraction of sorts.  I’m not perfect, you know!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!