In my mode of “get rid of s*** in my life, I took the biggest step of all.  One that was long overdue.  The one we look at everyday and are frustrated that it’s still a mess.  Yes, I dumped my overrun closet.  Look, I was getting tired of the kids at home and needed some time to myself.  What better option than going into my room, closing the door and moving stuff into a Goodwill bag?

Here’s how I made my decisions on stay or go.

1. “Who am I kidding?” clothes:  I’ve got clothes from 1980 in my closet.  Is that really necessary?  Are bell bottoms still in style?  I think not.  I also think I can get rid of those black suits I bought when I graduated from law school, thinking I needed to look like a man.

2. “You’re a size what?” clothes:  I am not the same size as I was when I graduated from high school so why keep those clothes?  I’ve got a year book for nostalgia, I don’t need a rainbow t-shirt with a certain kind of “plant” on the front.

3. “Mom, no one wears those things any more,” clothes:  I guess I’m not going to need any of those scarves, belts and shoes that I’ve not touched in more than 10 years.  And, I don’t think any of my kids are going to get invited to a barn dance, so those overall shorts can go too!

4. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!” clothes: Maybe I was in complete denial thinking my daughter was going to wear any of my clothes, especially out of the house. Time to reevaluate.

5. “Thanks but no thanks,” clothes:  Time to get rid of those gifts that I never wear.  I’ve got some clothes from ex-“friends” that I’ve decided to finally chuck (literally and figuratively!). I don’t need any more clothes reminding me of vacations with former, formers.

Now that it’s clean I’ve set up a Toss Box.  I read about this idea.  It’s a Rubbermaid box in my closet and every so often I throw something in there that I’m not sure I really need.  Then, I wait a few months and check to see if the item was missed.  Usually, it’s not and life moves on with the item moved over to the Goodwill bag. 

Here’s my ultimate goal.  I want to keep my life clear of stupid s***.  I’ve got a lot of stupid s***in my closet and quite a bit outside my closet (if you know what I mean!)  🙂

Have a fantastic day!