My new firm has a tradition where each new shareholder is introduced at the holiday party and given a hat which represents them. I thought mine might be something easy, like a Wisconsin Badgers hat or maybe a running cap.

But, this is a bit different.  They try to really capture the person and since they can only capture the last 2 1/2 weeks since I joined they firm (they hardly know me), they had to go elsewhere … to my assistant who has been with me longer than even I can remember!

Apparently, she told them that there are lots of things that stick out about me but one thing is for sure … I can juggle a thousand balls in the air and still have a smile on my face.  Thanks S.  I appreciate the complement! (although, sometimes this is not a great way to live your life!)  So, to represent me, they gave me a juggler’s hat and three juggling balls!

What hat might you get?  Don’t think about the obvious one … the chef hat or the chauffeur cap.  But, what does your life represent?  If I were to choose, I might give myself a fisherman’s cap.  Fishermen (and women) are always searching for fish, looking in different places, trying different lures.  But, they seem happy just being out on the water, even if they don’t catch anything.  (They also tell tall tales about their fish, but let’s not go there!).   I feel like a fisherman most days.  Always some place different, searching and experimenting  but loving the experience nonetheless.  I’m sure my kids might want me to have a witch’s hat while I think I could (and should) be wearing a saint’s hat!

Think about it for you? What is it about you that makes you different from other people?  Sets you apart?  Try this with your kids?  What hats might they get that represents who they are? This exercise is going to be our dinner agenda tonight (after I hear about school, sports, and why they want to stay up late to watch some sporting event!).

In any case, it really didn’t matter what hat I got.  I am so incredibly thankful to have found a new place that feels welcoming and with people who just seem glad that I’m there (they could be faking it and I wouldn’t know it!).  If that means I’ve got to learn to use those three juggling balls they gave me, I’m happy to do it!

Start your week with a smile!