A working mom rant (#268). “What did you do this weekend?”

I find myself enjoying the company of my childless friends.  They have such fun and interesting weekends.  They go skiing, out for dinner and drinks.  They seem to relax on Sunday, have a leisurely breakfast, and enjoy reading the paper with their partner.  They really do go places and experience things that are very, very far out of my reach (usually because my reach is spent at Dicks or Target or the grocery store).

Let me honest here – for moms, weekends are a joke.  It’s not like you’re sleeping in or spending hours at the gym just because it’s the weekend.  In reality, you are trying to get 10,000 things done, play or be with your child, drive them all over town, do the laundry, grocery shop, errands and get it all done before you have to go back to “work” on Monday.   Actually, I’m thinking that the work/life balance thing might be a farce.

So, when I am asked the question, “What did you do this weekend,”I want to cringe.  Am I’m supposed to say something interesting, sexy, or fascinating?  Can I really be honest about the fact that french toast pieces are still under the kitchen table or that the laundry is still in mounds (while maybe done) in the living room needing to be sorted?  Or, that I barely got in a shower before someone was knocking on the door needing something???

While I do make sure I work out both days (just to survive the rest of the weekend), I spend most of my weekends in defensive mode.  Doing a million things just to catch up – something that never actually happens in my house!

So, next time someone asks me what I did on the weekend, I’m going to smile and say “Nothing really.  It was so relaxing.  My kids did the laundry, the dishes and all the cooking.  And, my daughter did all the driving for the entire family.  So, I mostly sat around all weekend, read, ate and slept.” Isn’t that what every mom does on the weekend?

Have a great start to the restful part of your week! 🙂

3 responses to “A working mom rant (#268). “What did you do this weekend?”

  1. You have gone too far. You have your choice of smart, engaging guys to date and could spend time away from the kids.

    You can compare yourself to childless professional couples who plan weekend evenings, outings, and quiet mornings together. It sounds great. Many of us are not a part of a couple, work on weekends, and would love to be home with the kids, work and all.

  2. @Tom, she calls it ‘a working mom rant’ so that’s what it’s meant to be–she can go as far as she wants, its her blog!

  3. What’s going on is that you actually LIKE to be with your kids. I think that’s awesome. You will never regret it. Trust me: with two in college, the opportunities end quickly. In due time, you will all be ready to have your own space and activities. But don’t rush it. Really.

    And don’t covet those events on the ‘greener side of the fence’. The conversations and memories are not nearly as rich as those on the chaotic happy frustrating tiring rewarding brown grass cuz you didn’t have time to water the grass side of the fence.

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