What’s the freaking deal at the coffee shop?

For those of you who’ve been reading my posts for the last year and a half, I tend to have the most unusual experiences at coffee shops.  And, here’s the thing … I don’t drink coffee!  Well, I do like decaf sometimes but more often than not, I’m getting hot or cold tea.  Moreover, I almost never go to a coffee shop.  I’m maybe there once every other week – at best.   So, to say yesterday was the unusual, is maybe a bit usual (does that make sense?).

Yesterday, after lunch with a client – way out in Maple Grove, I was heading back to the city and decided I wanted a cup of tea.  As I walked into the C-named coffee shop, I noticed a woman coming in right behind me.  She was on the phone, whispering … not that I was listening or anything. 🙂  As we stood in line I heard her say, “It’s ok.  It’s ok to go.  I’m coming over right now.”

I ordered my mint tea and told the cashier I wanted to buy coffee for the woman behind me.  As I turned toward her, I could see that while she wasn’t crying, her eyes looked red.  She tried to refuse my offer, but I was insistent.

We walked together to the pick-up counter and started to small talk. She was visibly upset.  I had to ask her if she was ok (it is me, after all!).  Here’s what she told me:  Her mom loves the smell of coffee and she was bringing some to put by her bed, with the top off, so the smell of the hot coffee would just float near her mom.  She might even take a sip.  Turns out her mom is in hospice and that was her on the phone telling her daughter that she was really ready to die.  Her daughter told her, “It’s ok to go.”

I felt sick and shocked at the same time.

Here’s what you don’t know:  I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom lately — more so than normal.  I’m not even sure why.  And, the very last words I said to my mom  as I was leaving her hospital room (she was in a coma) was “I love you. It’s ok to go.”  She died 1/2 hour later.

I told the woman I was sorry she was joining my club of no mother to touch and smell and talk to.  But, I thanked her for letting me buy the cup of coffee.  We hugged each other, took our cups and left.  I cried all the way to the office.

A cup of coffee.  The smallest of gestures, yet it gave me the biggest feeling.  Maybe it was my mom letting me know that it’s ok.  That everything is OK.  Whatever the reminder, it was for me.

If your mom is around, call her and tell her you love her.  If not, say it in your heart.  It means the same thing.

Have a wonderful day!

2 responses to “What’s the freaking deal at the coffee shop?

  1. Dang it Roe! You made me cry again. This was beautiful.

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