I’m using part of an article posted by a friend yesterday.  This is what I hope we all hear from the love interest in our lives. Hang this one on the fridge!

I adore you. This isn’t about sex (although I’ve always got the hots for you). This is about how you make me glow whenever you walk into a room. I’m glad you’re in my life.

You inspire me. I love how you’re living your life, what you’re devoting yourself to, how you’re spending your time and how you deal with the people around you.

I respect you. You’re the first person I think of when I want a serious opinion on something.  Really.

I just love kissing you. No matter what happens to us as we get older, I’ll be fine as long as I can kiss you as much as I want.

I don’t want to change you. Yes, there are some things about you that I don’t get. That I don’t love. But you’re you and I don’t want to disturb the equation. I want to keep you intact (with all your “stuff”) and watch you grow.

I accept your drama. Sure, you’ve got some anger issues. I can handle it, even when it’s a bit exhausting. None of us is drama-free, especially me.

I love that you tell me off sometimes. Seriously. I may not always admit it, but I respect it. I’m full of bulls*** sometimes and I like knowing you won’t take it. If I’m gonna have someone by my side, I better know she didn’t just fall for the first guy that came along, and she’ll hold me to higher standards. I don’t want a pushover.

You’re on my mind. Constantly. Especially when I’m supposed to be thinking about something else. No matter what I’m doing there you are, in the middle of my sh**.  And yet, I can’t help but smile.

I forgive you. The other day, you were completely crazy. Seriously, you went off the deep end and blamed me for something I didn’t do, or didn’t actually say, or didn’t actually think. But hey, you’re human, you’re allowed a ‘gimme’ now & then. (as am I) And look, with all the beauty you bring to my life, I’m still coming out way ahead.

I love you. I can say it out loud.  You’re wonderful.  You’re my idea of a fantastic person.

I can’t stop talking about you. You’re not some little secret I keep. You’re my favorite thing on the planet and I tell everyone.

Thank you. For being you. For your smile. For having a point of view and a strong sense of self. For having standards. For getting pissed when something matters. For showing your appreciation when you see beauty.  No matter where we end up, thank you for bringing color to my life.

If you’re not hearing this (or saying it) – move on.  Life’s too short. Have a wonderful day!