Some people give off positive energy.  Some give off negative energy.  What you give off is based on the quality of a person’s being, a measure of the love in their life.

I’ve had a long time friend who has some super negative energy.  Most times, it really is not fun to be around this person.  Recently, I said that I was tired of trying to paint his negativity with pretty flowers.  I essentially said it was not pretty and that I was tired of painting flowers to make it look better! (I totally shocked myself by even saying anything!).

Everyone needs to look inside and work on their “inner self.”  It’s the cool part about being alive — the opportunity to experience that growth.  But those with negative energy, they’ve not done their work (and often don’t think they have to … they are the ones trying to point their fingers at us!).  They’ve not healed their anger, hatred or self-loathing.  And that negative energy — it can poison us like toxic fumes.

Here’s my list positive and negative traits in people I’ve had in my life:

Positive people:

  • You feel invited into their heart.
  • You feel relaxed and safe around them.
  • You know they will support you.
  • You feel better when you touch them, hold them or are near them.

Negative people:

  • You feel demeaned when you are with them.
  • You feel unsafe, on egg shells, on guard.
  • You start to feel angry or act out when you are with them.
  • You feel tired being with them.

Sound remotely familiar?

Life is a constant process of tuning in and finding those people who support your spirit.  Does your inner light shine when you are with someone who is negative or tries to squelch your positivity?  The answer is most likely “no.”  But with those who are positive and support your positive energy … Hey, you can be with those people forever!

I truly believe that the care with which we approach life (and each day) is completely evident in our energy field.   In other words – what you put out is what you get back.  Simple,  obvious … and totally attractive, right?! 🙂   It really is amazing how different a day/life can be when you surround yourself with those of like (positive) minds.

Have an amazing day!