Some believe that life works with a flow of energy, information and connections throughout every moment of our time here.  Yet, most of us don’t think of life like this … instead, we spend our time simply trying to ensure that we leave the house with clean underwear, that our kids make it to school and that we make it back at the end of the day to start all over tomorrow! Am I right?

But, I have to admit, in the last seven days, I’ve had more than my fair share of “coincidences.”  Meetings, if you will, of people who have entered my life at an unusually appropriate time.  Finally, yesterday I ran into someone at the grocery store who claims to have met me six months ago at a restaurant (apparently, we chatted while I was waiting for a client to show up).  This person said he tried for the last six months to find me, but couldn’t (who can’t find me?!).  Weird.

After I left the store, I began to ask myself:

  • Are the events of our lives objective or subjective?
  • Is there an order or purpose to the universe?
  • Or, are we the lucky accidents of evolution, living our wonderful but brief lives in a random world that only has the meaning we give it?

This “coincidence” phenomenon fascinates everyone – those who believe and those who are skeptics.   For those with an empirical mind, a coincidence is happenstance, “a simultaneous collision of two events that has no special significance and obeys the laws of probability.”  To others, coincidence is synchronicity – “The purposeful occurrence of two seemingly unrelated events.”

I really don’t have an answer here.  All I know is that the impetus for my blog was my assistant constantly telling me to put in writing all the “things” that kept happening to me.

It happens to you too.  Think about it: You are in line at a coffee shop and you’re near a woman who smells like your mother or grandmother.  At that moment you are reminded of her – she’s there with you. Or, you run into someone who you’ve not seen for a long time and the connection leads to something else that affects your life.  Coincidence or happenstance?

Here’s all that we really need to remember:

Pay Attention to Life

It doesn’t matter if there’s any meaning to our coincidences.  What matters is that we make every effort to experience as much of life as we are afforded in this oh-so-brief period of time.  It matters that we pay attention and watch as life unfolds right in front of us.

We (seriously, read “me” here) need to stop worrying about what’s next and enjoy what’s in front of us.  And, when we do – those “coincidences” will be right there leading (or dragging us) to our next experience.  🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic (and eye-opening) Monday!