First let me say that for many (including me) this is one of the most polarizing holidays of the year.   Full of pressure and total disappointment. Look, even Christmas can be enjoyed by all – the Christians get their holiday and the Jews get a day off to bowl, eat Chinese and head to the movies!

I’ve had more than a decade of not enjoying this holiday.  But I had an experience with someone yesterday that changed all that for me.  Let me tell you yesterday’s realization and my love story.

Once, so many years ago I can’t even count, I met a man.  Not at a time I was planning (we never are) but it happened.  He was not someone anyone expected I would be with, including me.  I spent a lot of energy trying to make it “work” and I never could figure out why it didn’t, because we “loved” each other.  But, yesterday I was talking with someone and for some odd reason (maybe for today’s post), it hit me – this relationship did not last for one big reason – neither one of us was willing to be transparent, ask for love and more importantly to love ourselves.

Self-love is like a seed.  It starts out tiny and unnourished.  And, no matter when it is watered (as a child or finally as an adult) the seed will grow into something amazing (or not, if you so choose).   Watering the seed is not all that difficult.  It’s simply asking yourself, “How can I love myself today?”

Some days, it might be something very simple or nothing but the question.  Some days it might be changing something very big and difficult.  But, the goal is the same – thinking about loving yourself every day.

I look at my children and see their self-love.  They are full of kindness, joy and love for those around them.  They are not afraid to love others because they love themselves.  They felt love growing up.  Not everyone does.

My kids find beauty in the world in a way I never did at their age.  It’s not perfect.  They’re not perfect. Nothing is.  But you just can’t pretend on this one.  Look, anyone can run a business, get good grades, or have lots of outside accomplishments.  But, to love yourself, so you can be transparent and let love in … now that’s “a gift that keeps on giving.” (See, I can get into the Hallmark thing!).

So, ask yourself how you can love yourself today.  Then, to solidify that self-love, find someone who can receive your love.  It need not be a partner – it can be a friend, a stranger, the mail person … it doesn’t matter.  Every day (not just this goofy day) should be about love.  Love – allowing love for yourself, being loved, showing love and totally giving love away!

Have a wonderful day!  I’ll see you at the 50% off chocolate sale tomorrow!