Life is full of mysteries.  How do we fall in love?  How do we learn about the speed of light?  How did a comedian become our State Senator or a wrestler our Governor?  But the biggest mystery to me?  Why has it taken so long for Dunkin’ Donuts to re-infiltrate the land of 10,000 lakes.

We’ve been graced with Krispy Kreme and local donut shops.   Remember Winchell’s Donuts? The Donut Connection? But, all that’s about to change because Dunkin’ Donuts has signed an agreement to re-open their first location in the downtown Rochester Kahler Hotel.  What a great message that is for the guests from around the world that when they visit Rochester for world-class medical treatment, they can experience the heart-stopping taste of Dunkin Donuts!

What’s the big deal, you may wonder?  Why am I writing about donuts when it’s likely I don’t eat them?  (I don’t)  It’s not the puffed up bread smothered in sugar.   Or those cream filled donuts covered with chocolate.  Nope.  If you must know, the real reason people fall in love with Dunkin’ is not because of their sugared pieces of dough, it’s  because of their coffee.  You can actually get the best cup of coffee at Dunkin’ – and for about a $1.00!

As opposed to the yuppie coffee shops on every corner (where I’ve got to spend close to $5.00 for some java), Dunkin’ is less in your face, less formal and frankly, I can actually read the menu.  Dunkin’ has small, medium and large.  Not Grande’ or Super-sized or whatever those names are.  Of course, we can always resort to going to a gas station for that burnt or even watered down coffee.  Or, (gasp) we could go to McDonald’s (please … there are 10 billion reasons why I won’t go to McDonald’s for coffee!).  No, we need the people’s coffee.  We need Dunkin’ coffee!

So, Rochester … enjoy your Dunkin’ and please encourage someone who falls in love there to invest some money and bring that coffee up here to Minneapolis.  It’s our turn for the orange and pink!  Get out those DD Reward Cards! 🙂

Have a fun day!