Yesterday was a pretty bad day, in almost all areas of my life.  Sometimes that happens.  It started by my dropping an entire glass of chocolate milk on the floor (and all over the cabinets, wall, etc.) and progressed from there.  By the end of the day, I was so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted that I almost couldn’t see.

When I woke up this morning I wondered what I was going to write about.  Then, as I sat there in the quiet of my room, I heard the words of a friend, who yesterday said to me, “You are not taking care of you.”

Now, while I did hear those words when he said them to me, I blew them off.  Sure, I’m busy but I do take care of myself.  I work out, do triathlons, I eat well, I drink lots of water, I spend time with amazing people, I love my work, my family, my children.  Where am I not taking care of myself?  Life is good, right?

But, this morning, I realized that I’ve lived 50+ years without knowing what it really means to love and take care of myself. Maybe that’s some of you too.

I’m good at playing the resilience card.  I can find a fix for almost anything.  My mantra has been: “I’m fine. I’m taking care of myself.”  But maybe that’s not completely true.  Sure, I’m taking care of the outside, but am I paying attention to my inner self?  Am I connected to at least one moment of my self each day?  And, what does that even mean?

Here’s what came from my brain to the paper just now.  I’m not sure if it even makes sense but maybe we can try it:

  • Let’s wake up each day, connected to who we are, inside and out.  Even if we just take three seconds to do so. It will be conscious.
  • Let’s focus on being with our life instead of an observer, trying to get it all done.  
  • Let’s start acknowledging our accomplishments instead of rushing to the next best thing or ignoring the feelings of when it just doesn’t go right. And, sometimes it just doesn’t go right.
  • Let’s practice saying “no” to those things that don’t serve our values or goals and saying yes to those that do.
  • Let’s (try) to stop replaying the past and the worries we’ve created for the future.

When we take the time to ground ourselves in the present and make mental space to find clarity, this is taking care of us.  And, maybe this is just for a short blink each day.  But, when we are connected, I have a feeling that those “bad” days can then just be acknowledged, respected and we can move on. Or, maybe the bad day will simply serve as a reminder to reconnect with ourselves … 🙂

Have a wonderful day!