This is a great song by 10cc (am I showing my age again?!) and a truthful one because we really do funny things for love, don’t we?  It doesn’t matter if it’s our kids, our partner or our family … we will go out of our way, inconvenience ourselves, sometimes even do things we really don’t want to do, to make those we love happy.

Love is both an emotion and a relationship. It bonds friends, siblings, parents and children, and romantic partners together with feelings of loyalty and affection. And, the strength of this emotion will cause people to do some really wonderful things and some really terrible things – all in the name of love.

One of the great, but scary, things about love it is takes us out of our comfort zone.  We will often do and try things we would not have done other wise.  I once went parasailing with a guy when I hate heights!  I thought it would impress him but it really didn’t because I threw up when I got my feet on the ground!

Love also forces us to make changes that we might not have wanted to make.  I’m doing that now for one of my children.  I found I was reacting to him differently than the others and so I’m intentionally (and quietly) making adjustments in my not-so-perfect self to make things work better for him.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all kid, parent or way to love them.

We often hurt those we love … which seems odd but true.   We use harsher words or actions, we’re not afraid to forget something about our loved ones but we never allow ourselves to forget at work.  Yet, the good news is that when we do hurt our loved ones, we can say “I’m sorry” and try to make it better (and not do it again!).   My kids and I have sent many morning text messages to each other apologizing for something that happened before they left (thank goodness for technology and intellectual honesty!).

There’s no question that we make sacrifices for those they love — some are small and others, huge.  We work hard to provide for our children, we drive for hours and hours to get them places.  We neglect hobbies for our partners, we let go of bad habits (sometimes!), and the list goes on.

My point today is just that love is so amazingly huge.  It encompasses everything we do.  It is the best thing going and often the most painful emotion we will experience.  Yet, that 3 second smile or touch from someone after expressing our love … well there is absolutely nothing better!  Try paying attention to the love you give out today – and what you get back.  I’m certain it will put a smile on your face.

Have a great one (it’s above zero!!!!).