I could write until I am blue in the face about the glorious world we live in (and we do).  But, some days are just not great.  Some days we wake up and from start to finish, it’s tough.  Sometimes we have weeks like that.

Sometimes, we have a problem and there’s nothing we can do about it but wait.  Maybe we don’t have control over the outcome or maybe we just screwed something up.

And why is it that you wake up in the same bed, maybe at the same time and it’s just not the same day?  Where there’s no explanation except it’s another day?

Bad days can be fueled from the inside or the out.  And while happiness is a choice, the occasional bad day is bound to happen.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to schedule a bad day.  It will just hit you smack dab in the face.  So, when it does happen to me, here are a few things I try to say to myself, in between my tears or frustrations:

1. Be Kind.  Not only to myself but to those around me who are likely to suffer along with me on my bad day. Don’t lash out at the slow grocery store cashier.

2. Cancel whatever I can.  When I’m having a bad day, it’s often made worse by too many things happening.  I can’t always cancel but sometimes I can shorten things up.

3.  This will pass.  Sometimes it takes weeks for the issue to go away, but it will … little by little and at least I know I will adjust over time.

4. Tell a friend.  This helps a lot.  The love and support of a friend is unparalleled.

5. Sleep or run.  I like the latter.

6. Watch a cute video.  These always make me laugh and feel better.

7. Give in.  It’s ok to cry.  To feel sad.  To feel depressed.  This is life. It’s difficult.

Even the most optimistic, half-full full, joyful people have a bad day. It doesn’t make us weak to admit we’re suffering or depressed about something.  In fact, it actually brings strength to our life.  Admitting it will put the fear and issue out in the open — where it’s likely to be less painful.  And, don’t forget … the best thing about a bad day is when the next morning washes over and you can really enjoy and appreciate the good life of a new day!

Enjoy wherever you are today.