I’ve lived this lie for many years (maybe it’s nicer to call it a myth), that I can and do lead a balanced life.  There’s no way that’s true.  I live a crazy, overly busy, sometimes stressed out life.  But, sometimes I just feel off … out of sync. Know what I mean?

Lately, I’ve been asking myself – why do I feel out of sync? When did that happen and how?

Here’s how it works:  At first it’s unnoticed.  I added a thing or two to my life.  Then, I added more and more things to my plate and in doing so I had to push away some of the things that were actually the things I used to do that nourished me.   Then, unnourished, I just kept adding – thinking something would get me back in sync (which of course is not how it works … but I’m still learning about life!).

So, lately I’ve asked myself: when did I stop reading for pleasure because I had too much laundry to do.  When did I stop my long calls with my friends because I was working at night?  Or, when did I stop having coffee with my dad because I needed to get to work?  Why did I make those choices?

Let’s just admit that the old “let’s have a balanced lifestyle” mantra really doesn’t work any more.  We all have 10,000 things.  So, rather than beating ourselves up over that, let’s focus on time management and the direction of our energy.   Sounds so beautifully easy, right?  🙂

The first step is just seeing it. The next step is asking: How do I get back in sync? How do I get to the core of what I love? How can I go back to those things that energize me … that I’m passionate about?

Research shows that athletes who successfully alternate periods of high pressure training with focused rest and recovery achieve the greatest results.  So, let’s use that research and admit that we all can (and should) learn to find our own rhythm and enjoy “maximum performance” and higher satisfaction in life.  Let’s do that by alternating our high pressure periods with our passions … our reenergizers (whatever they might be).

And, (one other thought), in our crazy busy lives, we often have things that stress us out.  Those “negative” things or times in our lives where we think there’s no way we can get back in sync.  Change that dialog.  Focus on the positive opportunities these “times” give us.  Maybe an injury sidelines us for a bit.  Maybe we lose a relationship or we are in a money pinch.  Use this time positively – to refocus, rebalance and realign our life values right in the middle of these “negative” times.  These experiences are really are gifts to reset what we are doing and challenging us to change … to get back in sync with ourselves and the universe.

Have a wonderful weekend!