I really do try to not have high expectations about how things in life go.  Sometimes they seem good and sometimes you wonder what the h*** is happening. But I have to admit (just to myself, of course) that there are some things that would just be nice if they happened.  I’ve been putting together a mental list and given my advancing age, I need to put it on paper:

It would be nice if …

  • When I got to the end of winter, and stopped wearing nylons, I didn’t feel the need to gasp at the look of wrinkles pooling on the top of my knee caps.  Where did they come from?
  • When I got home, my kids ran to the door, greeted me with a smile, asked about my day and had dinner waiting on the table.  Ok, a girl’s gotta dream!
  • I slept through the night and didn’t find myself eating at 2:30 a.m. because I’m “hungry.”
  • I was able to complete more of the crossword puzzles each year rather than less.  Or, actually, if I understood the slang used in the crossword puzzles.
  • When I pulled out a gray hair, it chose to grow back as non-gray.
  • I went for my yearly and my doctor said, how fantastic I looked rather than looking over his glasses and asking if I’ve “noticed” any changes.
  • If somehow there was a program that would create white noise in my brain when my kids are sassing (a kinder word than what’s actually happening) back at me.
  • I could stay awake for more than 20 seconds of my meditations.
  • I could just admit that I don’t like meditation and never will.
  • My times got faster in races rather than the age group times getting slower.
  • I could buy clothes without wondering if the item is “too young-looking.”
  • My boys understood that, “Can you take the sheets off your bed and wash them” means the sheets not every single item on their beds (a recent and disastrous occurrence).

I’m sure you’ve got your own list.  Oh, here’s one more … It would be nice if it was 75 and sunny today!

Have a great day!