I’m going to ignore science here for a minute (sorry, Dad) and say that I think the shortest distance between two points is a curve – because that’s how life is and isn’t science supposed to mirror life?

Nothing ever goes as planned.  There are no straight lines. Circumstances change. People change. You change. The seasons change (well, that’s true most years).

Life happens. In fact, life just consistently takes us from the direction we thought we were heading, to a place we never imagined.  Life does not always cooperate.

Maybe our kids go a direction we don’t anticipate, our partner or friend decides he/she needs to leave, a health issue pops up — we can surely expect that the unexpected will occur.  How do we cope? Some of us cope by controlling (yes, my name is Jessica and I am a control freak). Some of us by over-eating, over-drinking, over-whatever.

Lately, I’ve been in the midst of a lot of unexpected things (some in my sphere and some in others).  Coping in a healthy way, is the challenge.  If you are in the midst of change, think of it this way:

1. It’s just a change.  Whether “good” or “bad,” this curve will either be a momentary change or you will learn to adjust … eventually not even noticing the difference.   So, what seems insane in the moment, will pass.

2. Don’t give a part of yourself to crisis.  Don’t let a difficult time determine how you feel about yourself or your life direction.  Stay calm, keep you power and keep walking forward … even if you have to step over some carnage.

3. Think before you act.  Crisis is never the time to make a big decision.  So resign yourself to that and know it is as much for you as for the people around you.

4. Look for the good part of the crisis.  I’ve almost never been able to see the good until way after the fact.  But knowing that I will see it, has helped me get through the tough times.

5. In a crisis – lean on me.  Or, lean on anyone close to you.  It’s a ego-humbling experience to have (need) to lean on those around you.  Recognize that it will just make you stronger and bring the colors out in the world around you.

So, if you’re in a crisis today or something’s just not going right, remember that the curve will take you to a new place that you would never have ventured before.  And, those tears you shed … well they are just to help get through the uncertainties and the unexpected parts of life.  Let’s just try (it’s never perfect) to embrace all of life’s wonderful surprises – the good and the tough.  Our ability to survive – well, that’s what we’ll look back on as we reminisce on our life accomplishments.

Have an amazing weekend!