Our trials are never greater than our strength to bear them.  

Some days we wake up and we are faced with a challenge.  Sometimes that challenge seems so big it’s hard to put our arms around it.

I don’t believe that we never get more than we can handle.  We get a lot in this life.  Death, illness, separation and heartache.  That stuff really is hard to handle.  But I believe that we are able to manage or survive these things because of the people in our lives who can help us focus on the positive aspects of life.  Yes, we need to have internal strength and for some, faith in something else.  But, we really do need each other when we hit those periods that feel like “too much.”

To my close friends right now who seem to have more than one should bear on their plates — we are here for you.  Even if we can’t see you or talk to you or even touch you right now … we are here for you.  Even if you can’t hear the birds chirping right now, we’re listening to them for you.  We will feel the sunshine for you and think of you.  We will save all those wonderful feelings for the moment when we can actually touch you, hug you and love you.  And what seems like too much will eventually be replaced by something beautiful.  I’m sure of that.

For the rest of us – lets stay connected to the ground we’re walking on this weekend.  Those people who need our love and support … they will feel it.

Have a peaceful weekend.