I love this quote: Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet. Thích Nhất Hạnh 

We’re moving so fast. And we seem to be trying to move faster each day.  There are so many life distractions and we are on overload with information through the web, television and social media.  This pulls us away from the focus of life and (quite sadly) allows us to ignore the critical moments in life.

I’ve been thinking about how can we live in the “moment.”  Everyone talks about it but it’s almost impossible for us lay people!  That’s why I think finding joy is so critically important.  The old saying … “live in the moment,” is really about finding joy at any time, in any place and even at that very moment that you think you don’t have access to joy.

Here’s my definition: Joy is the moment (even if it’s just one moment) that you recognize how good things really are. 

So, how can we slow down long enough to find joy in our every day life?  Here’s my list of how I find joy:

  • Nature.  Being outside, regardless of the temperature, has always given me a centered feeling.
  • Flowers.  For me, there’s really nothing like the ability to close ones eyes and breathe in the scent of fresh flowers.
  • My family/friends. Just an XO email can make my day. If you know of someone who needs some joy, send one.  I’m sure it’ll help!
  •  My kids. Even when they are driving me crazy (often :)), they bring the most joy to my life!
  • A nice meal with a good friend. (I like to add wine!).
  • Running or just moving.
  • Helping others.  There is something really amazing about helping someone – without the need for anything in return.
  • That first sip of that first cup of (decaf) coffee in the morning.

Is my joy how you find yours?  What’s on your list?  Think about it.

Do something for yourself today … even if it’s a stop at the local coffee shop for a fancy drink!  Believe me, for every nice thing you do for yourself – for every time you feel joy, you will get a smile on your face and you will give it twice back to others.  The math on that one is pretty cool!

So, welcome to the start of the week.  I hope your day is filled with joy – even just a moment is good enough to last a whole day!

Stay dry. 🙂