Note to self for to(every)day.

Note to self:

  • Breathe gently.
  • Enjoy the birds chirping and the falling of the rain.
  • Enjoy those people who smile at me and smile back at them.
  • Close my eyes and dream.
  • Hug my kids.
  • Eat my food slowly.
  • Chose my words carefully.
  • Love those who I want to hate.
  • Note the beauty of life – with its tears, losses and accomplishments.
  • Enjoy the cool clean water that I drink and the roof over my head.
  • Be thankful I can work and help others.
  • Accept the help of others.
  • Enjoy the sound of my children chatting over breakfast.
  • Appreciate what I don’t have.
  • Give away what someone else needs.
  • Make peace with myself.

Have a wonderful day.


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