There are some really angry people out there.  And, they are in weapons of mass destruction — cars.  Frankly, I’m growing weary of people honking if I don’t put my foot on the gas at the very moment the light turns green.

The other day I stopped on the road as a family of ducks was crossing the street.  As I waited, I put my flashers on.  I happened to look in the rear view mirror and saw a car barreling up behind me.  I realized that he was going to hit me or he was going to have to drive on the shoulder to get around me.

Regardless of whether he saw the ducks, he still knew I was stopped yet he had no intention of slowing down.  He swerved around me and looked right at me as he flipped me off.  Unfortunately, the ducks had just gotten to the side of the road and he drove right into them – killing them all but the mother (she became hysterical … ).  The guy kept going.  I had to pull over because I was sobbing.

Why do people lose their mind when they get in their car?  For some reason we don’t hold to our inner standards of integrity when we have 4 wheels under us. When people get in their vehicle it’s like they feel anonymous … shielded from the world.  Maybe a car is the only safe place for them to kick and scream.

Here’s what I want to say to these people:  slow the f*** down!  When you find yourself reacting angrily, or in such a big hurry – take a deep breath.  Are you stressed out?  Are you too rushed?  Is there really something that absolutely can’t wait the five seconds it takes for someone to get their foot on the pedal or 30 seconds to allow the ducks to cross the road without honking like crazy? Do you want to kill someone because you have a meeting?

My kids are on the road now.  And, even if they weren’t we all need to keep our busy lives from getting in the way of driving, using a blinker or not paying attention.  I’ve been an offender too.  Well, not any more.

Frankly, I would have felt a lot better if he had stopped.  He knew he hit something.  Maybe his meeting was too important.

Just another reminder about life — even in my car.

Have a safe start to the week!