I’ve met very few women who liked their bodies. In fact, I can actually think of only one woman I know who is happy with her body.  And, I must tell you, she isn’t a swimsuit model or a stunning women with perfect hair.  And, based on our standards of who “should be” satisfied with her body, she’s not one of them.

Men you are not immune from this issue.  You just don’t obsess about it like women!

My friend has a more peaceful feeling about the body she’s in.  She treats it well, exercises, eats healthy, allows herself to have some less-than-healthy days.  And, she gets more attention from men than some of the most beautiful (physically) women I know.

It’s all about how we feel about ourselves — not how we look.

There’s a lot of negative energy being spent on not liking our body … and it’s the only one we’re going to get.  So, my friend and I came up with some ways to (try to) love what we’ve got:

1. Talk about it.  Don’t treat your body like an alien.  Talk about what you like and don’t like … it might not seem so bad when you say it out loud.

2. When someone compliments you, just say thank you (and really mean it!).

3. Don’t assign values to food. When you eat something because it’s “good” you’re just punishing yourself.  Eat things that you actually ENJOY in moderation and don’t beat yourself up.  You will find that letting up on yourself will actually make it easier to eat those “good” things!

4. Wear clothes that fit you and make you feel good.  I know one thing:  I feel better when I am wearing something that makes me feel good.  That fits.  Even if it’s only three things … wear them all the time!

5. Enjoy moving your body.  Don’t feel like you have to compete with those people at the health club who are working out 3 hours a day … enjoy whatever you are doing to move – even if it’s picking up the s*** your kids have left all over the house!  🙂

6. Don’t weigh yourself.  In Screw Inner Beauty, the authors write: “If your clothes fit the way they did yesterday, you don’t need to freak out. Throw out your scales – they are just little electronic demons squatting in your bathroom, making you feel rotten.”  Love!

7. Avoid negative tapes.  Pay attention to those times when the negative tape is playing in your brain.  Replace it with something fun, dance, sing or remind yourself that you’re grateful to have a body at all!

Even though my friend is ok with her body, she still has self-doubt.  We all do … its human nature.  Loving your body is really, really hard work.  But we’ve got two choices:  (1) keep feeling bad; or (2) find new ways to accept that which we just can’t change (other than our thoughts!).  Let’s try the latter!

Have a great day!