I’ve been very contemplative lately.  I think it’s because my daughter is now a senior and the boys (today) will join her as high schoolers.

Last week I was watching my guys play baseball and it hit me (so hard that I had to walk away from the game because I was crying) – my life really is changing (well,  I only have to look in the mirror to figure that out!)  But for some reason it’s really hitting home right now.

And, while I’ve got a bit of time before they all leave, I realized something important – their lives are their own, and not mine.

I’ve been driving kids, feeding kids and managing this household for a long time.  And, maybe that’s who I’ve become.  But at some point in the not-to-distant future, that will not be my life any more.  And, who will I become then?  Jessica the full-time lawyer?  Jessica the writer?  Jessica the person who finally learns to relax?  Will I be married?  Single?  Drinking more wine?

Some of you have done this before.  How did you do it?  You all look like you survived! 🙂

I’m clearly moving toward a different phase of life — like it or not.  And, it’s time to start thinking of my next adventure, while my kids begin to embark on theirs.  Honestly, as scary as it sounds, it’s also exciting … and inevitable.  And, it’s time to start planning!

I’m already teary eyed about watching my boys graduate from 8th grade today.  They are just the young men I hoped they would be and I’m looking forward to watching them move gracefully (I hope!) into the upper school with their sister – for one more year of them all being together.    Congrats guys!

And to my little girl – don’t even let me get started on what you’ve done and accomplished  … I’ll be crying for hours/days/weeks next year when your big day comes.  I might even start today … 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone!