It’s been an interesting few days, since my infamous lunch.  A lunch I enjoyed at one of my favorite (former) restaurants.  A lunch which decided it did not like me.  But all that aside (and forgetting the many hours I spent on the bathroom floor) I have learned quite a bit from this experience (gotta try to learn from everything, right?):

1. My bathroom floor is not as clean as it should be.  First, I’d rather not have to lay on any floor but certainly not a bathroom floor.  My bathroom floor is no exception.  And just in case someone friend or acquaintance has to spend time on my bathroom floor, I’ve got to keep it cleaner.

2. I need new ice cream buckets.  I spent too much time holding a bucket and I’d prefer they not have broken sides or handles. I’m going to go buy a few new gallons of ice cream … when I’m feeling better.

3. When I can’t run, I really must be sick. More so than laying on a couch or on the bathroom floor, my kids are most concerned when I don’t go for a run — and rightly so.  It’s my favorite stress-reliever.  I’ve been out for two days — unheard of!

Here’s something else I learned in the last few days: Taking down time is very important and actually enjoyable.

Despite the fact that I was not feeling well, there was something nice about hanging with my guys, watching a movie and relaxing.  Why don’t I do that more often?  Because I don’t feel like I have the time.  Because I have the distorted belief that everything must be done.  It’s not true.

Actually, the truth is that the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it!

So, this weekend, find an hour of that time you don’t have.  Just sit.  Chat with your kids, your spouse, your friends.  Open a bottle of wine.  Make an iced tea.  And, enjoy the sun.  You totally deserve it!

Have a great weekend!