I wasn’t going to post today.  But I woke up and two words popped into my brain – “reset button.”  So, here I am – giving it to you.

I’ve said this before – I’m not a lover of holidays.  I’ve always judged the holidays on who I didn’t have with me.  For many years I was in a “situation” where holidays were never spent together.  It was so crushing for me and I never could get the situation to change (or get this person to “hear” my feelings about it).

But I’ve changed in the last year or so and I’ve learned to reset my feelings on this a bit.   So, this morning, I woke up and realized that my reset on the holidays should be to focus on love (for me and my life), not who is or is not with me.

Generally holidays are focused on doing a million things and going a million places.  And, that’s ok.  But in doing those things, focus on the love you have in the moment for the people you are with and those who are no longer a part of your every day life.  Don’t worry about what’s not there or what you are not doing.  

Today’s holiday has great meaning and a double meaning for me (pun intended – Happy Birthday boys!).   Yet, we’ve got to remember that these exact moments of love and connection will never come again in the same way.  This is it.  And, if we focus on that – maybe we can take a quiet moment to reset, to help remember the feelings of love we (should) have for ourselves and the joy and appreciation for those we’ve had in our lives – whether with us or not.  Oh, and BTW – let’s also be thankful for the chance at one more “holiday!”

Happy Fourth of July!  XO