I was at Target yesterday in the return line and a couple was behind me with a number of items to return. They told me that they had just gotten married and were returning some gifts that were not on their registry.

As I was talking to them, he just kept putting his arm around her and watching her as she spoke – as if he was falling in love with her all over again, each time she opened her mouth.  He seemed mesmerized.  It felt beautiful.

Here’s the interesting thing – he was very attractive and she was not what one might expect as his love interest — actually, she was far from attractive. Bear with me … I know that sounds judgmental. I’ve got a message here.

I asked how they met: They met by chance many years ago. They dated but he didn’t want to stay in one relationship (he’s telling this story, BTW).  He said he was pretty “immature” (but not age-wise, he admits) and he just had no idea what he was doing in relationships.  Then one day, they ran into one another.  At the moment he saw her, he said, he realized that out of all the woman he’d dated no one had the heart and goodness that she had.  He realized that it was his own “issues” that forced him away from her.

All the time he was talking, she was standing quietly by with a cute smile on her face. Eventually, she chimed in: Yes, their story seemed dreamy.  But, she said, they are just like everyone else. While they have “issues,” they’ve decided to look at their “negatives” as “positives.”  And, she told me, they use those “differences,” as she called them, as the “glue” that holds them together rather than pulling them apart.

As I listened to their story, I wanted to cry.  I was happy for them.  But I also realized how many times  we allow the things we don’t like about a person to divide rather than bring us together – Whether with our loved ones, people we work with, our families and even ourselves.

Who knows, of course, how it will end up for them.  But the conversation reminded me that love is the craziest thing.

I know it’s not impossible to find someone who seems to fit perfectly with you – because I’ve seen it and, it’s impossible not to be in awe of that. But love doesn’t fit into a neat box based on size, color or gender.  Sometimes love is slow to develop, sometimes it explodes, sometimes it shatters our expectations and sometimes it leaves us hurt and exhausted.  But, it’s love.  And, whether we have it now, had it once or will have it in the future –  it’s still the most awesome and worthwhile thing of all.   And, I got to find it in Target this weekend.  How lucky am I? 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a fantastic start to your week!!