We are born this way.  Completely naked.  And frankly I think there’s a reason we come into this world without all the “dressings” of life.  We are free, open, totally transparent and ready to start life.  Who doesn’t like it like that? (Cue – scroll down and start the song below while you’re reading).

So, why can’t we be naked and transparent all the time?  Why can’t we just bare our soul to the world and show our true selves?  Why can’t we be open about our feelings, our hopes, our dreams and our love?  What the freak is stopping us?!

Most of us hide our essence.  We fear rejection, have low self-esteem or we’ve been hurt.  And all these things create uneasiness within us and lead to those negative tapes that drown out our essence.  But, our essence – our soul – is exactly the place transparency grows.

Friends, when we are open – when we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, we can enjoy our feelings rather than trying to fix them to match someone else’s.  When we’re open we can also give ourselves permission to feel and experience our feelings rather than look back and wonder about them.

I must caution you, however, about this thing called transparency must be experienced with those people you trust the most.  The ones who are non-judgmental – who love you unconditionally no matter what you do (or have done) or what you say.  You know those people when they come into your life.  And, if you’re like me, you’ve tried transparency with the right people (so fantastic!) and the wrong people (incredibly awful).  And, because we’ve all experienced the latter – we end up becoming afraid to get naked again.

My mother was the most transparent when she was listening to music.  Almost any kind of music; it was the beat for her … as you can hear in this song.  When she was dancing around in the kitchen (this is obviously where I get it!), the love, the emotions and the joy of life literally poured out of her.  It was beautiful. And, because she grew up in the Bronx – she had a love for latin music – hence today’s song.

So, my charge for you today is to dance to your favorite music, love the people who let you be you, those who want to love you, not judge you.  Enjoy some transparency and the absolute beauty of starting today as if everything was brand new.  Because my friends — it is brand new today!

How can you not like it like that?

Have a fantastic Sunday!